This Week at Tango Lewes – 9/11-9/16

Tuesday September 11th – Practica at The Rodney Hotel

7.30-8.15pm – Lesson with Adam

8.15-10.00pm – Open Practica. 

Donation: $5-$10

Another Great Tango Weekend with Guest Instructors!

Absolute Beginners Friday September 14th with Yvonne. Saturday Workshops with Jay Abling & Rachel Moon. Cover Dish Luncheon in the Middle (12:30-1:30 – Bring Something Good to Eat & Share and Get to Know the Community)
And…Saturday Night Milonga with DJ-Jay !!!
Classes for Everyone. No matter where you are in your Argentine Tango Adventure, you can start NOW

Friday, September 14th – Absolute Beginner-Basic Elements-with Yvonne – 7:15-8:45 pm

This workshop is appropriate for those who have never danced tango before and want to learn the fundamental elements of the dance. In this class you will learn the basics that will prepare you to step onto the dance floor with more confidence and help you to progress to the next level.
Covers: Caminata or-Tango Walks-Choosing a Foot, Forward, Backward, Side Step, Pause, Simple Turns, Walking Inline & Outside Partner, and Intro to La Cruzada in both Parallel and Cross System.
This class is also appropriate for dancers who want to start learn the other role of either leader or follower, or for those who want to teach beginner tango.
Instructor will stay longer for those who wish to continue with work or questions.

Saturday, September 15th – Improver Level Workshop-with Jay & Rachel. – 11.00-12.30pm

Embrace, Circularity and Dynamics all wrapped up in a turn.

Absolute Beginners May Attend as a Challenge. Intermediate Level-Also Encouraged to Attend

Saturday, September 15th – Intermediate Level Workshop with Jay & Rachel.  –  1:30 -3:00 pm

Vals-D.O.E.S. Turn and it’s fun to do so! (Dynamic, Oscillating, Exhilarating and Syncopated)

Saturday, September 15th – Milonga with DJ-Jay Abling – 8:00-10:30pm
Get Dressed Up & Come Back Ready to Dance with Great Music
Brings Snacks to Share.
Private Lessons with Jay & Rachel-Saturday or Sunday
$80 per hr.
Contact Chris for more info

For Question About Absolute Beginner Essential Elements
Contact Yvonne at

Costs for Weekend
One Workshop $25
Two Workshops $45
Three Workshops $65
Milonga $10
Two Workshops & Milonga $50!!!!!
Three Workshops and Milonga $70

Reservations are Appreciated 
To Get The Discounts-We Must Have Your Commitments
No Later Than 9/12/15
Location for Weekend Events
All Workshops  & The Milonga
will be held at 
Right Balance Pilates in Plantations at Lewes
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Lewes, Delaware, 19958

18466 Plantations Blvd–Lewes, Delaware, 19958

Sunday September 16th – Practica at The Rodney Hotel

5.00 – 7.00pm – Open Practica. 

Donation: $5

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