This Week at Tango Lewes – 2/6-2/11


Jay and Rachel are coming for group and private lessons on Feb 16/17th. Information on group lessons will follow shortly.  We still have 2 slots available for private lessons. Contact Chris for more details on (443) 326-2096

Fresh Look at Learning

Over the past year we have worked hard to get visiting teachers to Tango Lewes and our members have responded positively both to the group and private lessons that have been offered. Your commitment to both this program and to improvement in general is very visible.

In an effort to optimize your efforts,  we are working with Jay and Rachel (utilizing their new syllabus that they have developed for Intermediate/improver levels) to add more structure to the learning process.  We will be providing some additional tools to help us remember the steps AND the techniques that are critical to execution. This will include:

  • Providing a custom video PRIOR to their visit that will not just show Jay and Rachel dancing the steps, but will focus on the necessary techniques and, where possible, introduce potential embellishments. The video will be available on the Tango Lewes website and will allow you to practice before and after the lesson.
  • Our Tuesday night Intermediate/improver lessons will seek to reinforce understanding of the most recent lesson, focus on the techniques, and examine variations of the moves that will offer more variety into our dance.
  • We will bring the videos to Tuesday/Sunday Practica’s (hopefully connecting to the Wall Monitors!) where you can review as you practice. 

Our next lesson with Jay and Rachel will be on Saturday February 17th. We should have videos available early next week so that you can preview the program on the Tango Lewes site and have an opportunity to hone some of your skills before Saturday’s class.

Tuesday February 6th – Practica and Lessons at The Rodney

7.30-8.15pm – Intermediate/improver lesson with Yvonne

Practica-All Levels–8:15-10:00

Donation: $5-$10

Sunday February 11th – Practica at The Rodney

Practica-All Levels–5.00pm-7.00pm

Donation: $5-$10


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