Still time to sign up for Argentine Tango 101!

An introductory course for everyone who wants to learn Argentine Tango as well as those wanting to improve their basic skills, concepts and movements to an intermediate level.

This beginners series  is a pre-requisite to advancing to intermediate Core II classes. and covers: Basic Tango Element, Weight Changes, Side Steps, Rock Steps, Caminada, Cadencia, Baldosa Box, Cross System, Parallel System, Back Ochos, Forward Ochos, Media Luna, Basic Sacada, Parada, Pasada, Leader and Follower Roles and more…

The classes are every Thursday night from March 2nd to April 27th at the Yoga Sudio, Rt. 24 at Peddlers Village. The last class will be a ‘make-up’ session. Classes run from 7pm to 9pm with warm-up and practice time built in.

This 9-week series costs $125 per person (Can be split into 2 payments of $62.50 and further financial assistance plans are available – Call for details)

To register for this course please call Chris at (443) 326-2096 or email

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