Whats On This Week – 7/18-7/23

Tuesday July 18—Lesson & Practica at The Rodney Hotel

7:30-8:15-Lesson with Yvonne (Improvers & Intermediate Level Welcome)

8:15-10:00-Practica—All Levels Welcome

Donation: $5


Friday July 21st – Argentine Tango 101 Beginner Series

Week 2 of our Introductory course for anyone who wants to learn tango.

(Pre-requisite for students who wish to move to ‘Improvers’ or ‘intermediate’ level).

6 Week Series covers Basic Tango Elements -Weight Changes, Side Steps, Rock Steps, Caminada, Cadencia, Baldosa Box, Cross System, Parallel System, Back Ochos, Forward Ochos, Basic Sacada, Parada, Pasada, Leader & Follower Roles.

Time: 6:45-7:30

Classes are 45 Minutes Long—and each class introduces another Basic Tango Element. Beginner 101 students are invited to stay for following session (7:30-8:30) Tango Tune-Up which covers more challenging moves.

Buy all 6 lessons for $60

Drop-In Fee $15 per night

Students may stay for Tango Tune-Up class -which follows the lesson for $10 more

Dates – Fridays–July 14th, 21st, 28th    –   August 4th, 18th, 25th

Location – The Yoga Studio, 33247 Fairfield Rd, Lewes, DE 19958

Followed by…….

‘Tango Tune-Up’–Open to All Core 1 / Core 2

Improvers / Intermediates/ Beginner Students Taking Tango 101

A Drop-In Class–For Students who are ‘Beyond Basic’ Tango (A Level 2 Class)

Dates – Fridays – July 14th, 21st, 28th    –   August 4th, 18th, 25th

Time – 7.30-8.30pm

$15 per person per class

Location – The Yoga Studio, 33247 Fairfield Rd, Lewes, DE 19958


Chuck’s Practica – Sunday July 23rd at The Rodney Hotel

Time: 5-7:00

Donation: $5


Tango Hosts Needed!

Can you open your home to Annapolis Tango Dancers—They will come to visit as part of a Help Exchange to Give Us Much Needed Practice Partners………Talk to Chris ASAP—The Marylanders are Coming!!!!