Argentine tango is basically a walking dance. Argentineans say if you can learn to walk, the rest is easy. They also say you have to “walk your miles” to learn to dance tango.


Tango Lewes began as a way for us to share our love of Argentine Tango and build a community in Southern Delaware.  We use dance as a way to connect with ourselves and with other people, and have a lot of fun!  We hold two weekly practice sessions and have a monthly milonga, or social dance.IMG_0178 (2)

Classes Offered by Tango Lewes:

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 For newcomers to Tango we also have a variety of dance lessons to get you started. Our ‘Try Tango’ classes provide an opportunity to see if you like it and these can be followed up by beginners and intermediate courses.

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Argentine Tango–101  Beginner Series

An Introductory course for anyone who wants to learn tango. (Pre-requisite for students who wish to move to ‘Improvers’ or ‘intermediate’  level).
6 Week Series  that covers Basic Tango Elements -Weight Changes, Side Steps, Rock Steps, Caminada, Cadencia, Baldosa Box, Cross System, Parallel System, Back Ochos, Forward Ochos, Basic Sacada, Parada, Pasada, Leader & Follower Roles.

‘Tango Tune-Up’–Open to All Core 1 / Core 2 / Improvers / Intermediates

Cover Argentine Tango Basic Elements–and Designed to help students progress to Intermediate Level 300 Classes. Covers Basic Walking, Posture, Position, Power, Parallel & Cross System Basics, Cruzada, Basic Rock Turns, Back Ochos, Front Ochos, Media Luna, Molinete, and More.
Core II–A300 level Class for Intermediates

Core II classes are taught once per month by  our guest Instructor Jay Abling and his partner Rachel Moon. Thse intermediate level classes are designed to help students improve basic close embrace and circular movements.

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